5 Home Selling Mistakes To Avoid in 2017

house-sold-blogSummer is here and the Los Angeles real estate market is hot.  This is the peak time of year when many Los Angeles homeowners will decide to put their house up for sale. If you are making plans to sell your home this summer, why not try avoiding the following 5 mistakes to increase your chances for a smooth, quick transaction with fewer worries.

1. Jumping the Gun

Once you make the decision to sell your home, don’t forget to put it in the best shape for showing. Carefully paint, carry out necessary repairs, de-clutter, clean the landscape and stage the home, if need be. A pile of jumbled items is most likely not going to get potential buyers to feel like they want to live in your home.

You need to show that you maintained your home over the years by fixing red flags such as chipping paint, water stains, shabby furnishings and torn carpets. If you have to hire a cleaning service, don’t hesitate. You should also focus on staging, be it a professional stager or just rearranging your existing furniture.

2. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Make sure you use top-notch photography and actual photos of your home rather than taking pictures with your iPhone or pulling pictures off the internet.  Your agent should provide this service.

3. Doing It Without a Professional

An experienced real estate professional representing you can make a big difference in the whole sales process.  But don’t just hire any agent or a relative that has a real estate license.  Make sure you find a good agent who is seasoned and knows your local market and has good negotiation skills. An agent with good negotiation skills can alleviate much of the stress, time and legwork involved in the selling process. Ask questions and do your due diligence when interviewing and hiring an agent. Check for past and current listings and any negative complaints with the California Bureau of Real Estate.  Also, find an agent that you like and trust.

4. Attending Showings

You don’t have to be present during showings or open houses, even if you want to be fully involved in the sale. When the seller is in the house, potential buyers may feel somewhat intimidated, and may not feel comfortable expressing their true feelings about a property.

5. Overpricing the House

Overpricing usually costs you more days on the market without buyers or sales. This mistake can have very devastating effects on your ultimate sale price. Compare your price with others in the area by looking on Zillow or Redfin.  Take an unprejudiced look at your home and discuss different perspectives of pricing tactics with your agent to arrive at the best market price.

For a more successful transaction, it’s crucial for you to stay optimistic about the sale and detach your emotions.